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Ants are some of the most common household pests. These small insects form big colonies, which can cause issues for your home. If you have an ant problem, you’ve probably noticed them walking in lines through your kitchen, trying to seek out food. Sometimes, no matter how clean you keep your home and how protected your food is, the ants just keep coming back. Even though ants aren’t as harmful as some other pests are, they can still be an issue when they’re living in your house, especially since ants often come into contact with your food.

You might try some do-it-yourself treatments or store-bought ant control products, and maybe they seem effective. If they’re working on getting rid of some of the ants, that’s great. But for ant control to really work, it needs to remove the entire colony from your home. Otherwise, the ants that are left will just rebuild the population, and they’ll keep invading your home. That’s why professional ant control offered by Mitchell Pest is the best way to remove and treat an ant colony. We get rid of ants and make sure they don’t come back.

How We Get Ants Out Of Your Home

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Our ant process truly begins with your call. When you reach out to Mitchell Pest, we will set up a time to visit that’s as soon as possible. We want to be able to begin treating the problem as quickly as we can. On our first visit, we’ll meet with you to discuss what you’ve been seeing around your home and how we can help. Then we’ll perform an inspection.

The inspection is an essential part of our ant control system. A crucial part of this is finding the entry point that ants use to gain access to your home. We find this by following ant trails to see where they originate. Based on that and anything else we might find around your home, we’ll establish a treatment plan. Our methods include a variety of options, including repellents, baits, traps, and liquid treatments. Every home is different, and so is every ant colony. We make sure that the treatments we use are what will work best for you. We also eliminate factors around your home that may be attracting ants.

At Mitchell Pest, we understand that ant problems can’t always be solved with one visit. That’s why our ant control services are ongoing, including follow-up visits. Depending on your needs and preferences, we’ll come back every few weeks to see how the treatments are working. We’ll also have regularly scheduled visits to re-treat your home for ants every two to three months. This ensures that the entire ant colony is gone and it won’t come back.

When you invite us into your home for ant control, you rely on us to effectively remove the colony. We work hard to make sure that your trust is well placed. Every treatment we use is only applied with your knowledge and permission; we never begin a treatment process without disclosing it to you. This way, the only products used around your home are the ones you know about. You can count on Mitchell Pest to keep your home and family safe from pests and harmful, unnecessary products.

Save Money On Pest Control

Like it or not, pests will invade your home at one time or another. Even ants, as tiny as they are, can be incredibly difficult to manage on your own. But professional pest control is an investment, and the cost can seem overwhelming. That’s why we’re offering $100 off the cost of recurring pest control for Fort Lauderdale homes. Effective pest control requires regular treatments, which is why we highly recommend investing in regular inspections and treatments. Contact Mitchell Pest today to activate this offer and begin receiving your high-quality pest control services.

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Why Mitchell Pest Is The Best

Mitchell Pest is a local, family-owned business. We believe in protecting Fort Lauderdale homes and families from pests and from harmful treatments. All of our products are EPA approved and eco-friendly; they’re designed to be effective against pests but still safe to use around the home. When we’re in your home, we treat it as our own in terms of respect and care. We also make sure that you’re on board every step of the way. No surprise treatments and no hidden fees.

And if you’re not satisfied after a visit, we’ll come back and re-treat your home for free. Our certified technicians are highly rated in the community. We have years of experience in the pest control industry, which gives us the expertise necessary to keep your home safe. Call Mitchell Pest today to learn more about our Fort Lauderdale pest treatment options and schedule your inspection. 

What Mitchell Pest Customers Are Saying

"I totally recommend. I called them, they answered right away and scheduled me for the next day. The inspector showed up the time he was scheduled. He explained everything in detail. Price was good as well. Very professional company."

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"Chelsea was friendly and informative when scheduling my appointment. Jordan was knowledgeable and professional and did a thorough inspection. I appreciate the care he took while inside my home. I’m very happy with my choice to use Mitchell Pest Services. Thanks!"


"A gentleman by the name of Bubba from this company came by today, was right on time and could not have been nicer or more professional. I am looking forward to utilizing this company and I am taking the time to write this review because of how impressed I am by this young man, very respectful and very knowledgeable. I would recommend this company.."

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