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What You Need To Know About Ticks & Fleas

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When fleas and ticks flock to your property, you’re left dealing with itchy bites and the potential for diseases as these parasitic pests bite you, those you care about, and your pets. It’s important to remove flea and tick infestations as soon as possible to stop serious problems from occurring. Our service professionals at Mitchell Pest will help with this and give you additional advice for protecting your Fort Lauderdale, FL, property from flea and tick problems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ticks & Fleas

What are ticks and fleas?

Fleas and ticks are two types of parasitic pests that are commonly known by people who have cats and dogs. These pests are often seen in the fur of pets that spend lots of time outside, though they may also be introduced to your property via wild animals and rodents.

Fleas grow no larger than 1/8 of an inch in length and have a reddish-black body complete with powerful legs for jumping; ticks are around the same size as an apple seed, though they get larger when they are engorged on a blood meal. Tick species vary, and this pest may be seen in colors of brown, black, or grey with differing patterns.

Are ticks and fleas dangerous?

Fleas and ticks are dangerous due to the diseases and parasites they may transmit with their bites. Tick bites are known for giving individuals serious illnesses such as Lyme disease, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, while fleas are known to pass on murine typhus, tapeworms, and heartworm, among other illnesses.

Flea and tick bites may also cause allergic reactions in certain individuals. Professional flea and tick removal is essential for avoiding these problems.

Why do I have a tick and flea problem?

Fleas and ticks typically find their way to your property on the backs of animals like cats and dogs. However, they may also be dropped off by wild animals like rodents, deer, and birds or picked up by humans as they pass through overgrown areas.

Where will I find ticks and fleas?

When inside, fleas and ticks tend to hide out in the fur of animals, in fabrics and carpeting indoors, or on humans and their clothing. Outdoors, you may commonly encounter fleas and ticks in long grasses, areas of overgrown foliage, or near piles of debris and woodpiles.

How do I get rid of ticks and fleas?

The best way to get rid of fleas and ticks is to contact Mitchell Pest for expert flea and tick control. Our service professionals will help eliminate flea and tick invaders from your Fort Lauderdale property and provide you with customized solutions for keeping these dangerous pests at bay.

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How can I prevent fleas in the future?

Stop flea and tick problems from occurring in the future by implementing these prevention tips around your Fort Lauderdale property:

  • Utilize a veterinarian-approved tick and flea treatment on cats and dogs that live on your property and spend any time outdoors.
  • Clear outdoor areas of long grasses, overgrown foliage, piles of debris, and woodpiles to reduce flea and tick-hiding spots.
  • Address leaks that might lead to humid conditions and pools of excess water that attract fleas and ticks.
  • Take steps to protect your property from wildlife to stop them from introducing flea and tick problems to your property.
  • Check yourself and your animals for fleas and ticks regularly, especially after spending extended time outdoors.

Contact Mitchell Pest right away if you need more flea and tick prevention advice or Fort Lauderdale pest control assistance.

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