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Pest Control In Miami, FL

People love Miami for its fantastic beaches, nightlife, food, and vibrant culture, not pests. However, homeowners and businesses must prepare to thwart critters from invading their property daily. Pests have no qualms about making people sick, causing injuries, or ruining photos or furniture. The best way to eliminate unwanted visitors and prevent future problems is to contact a Miami pest control provider for services.

Mitchell Pest believes homes and businesses should be pest-free, safe, and healthy spaces. It’s impossible to enjoy gorgeous weather and desirable amenities in Miami when wild critters run amok. Protect against wanton destruction, health hazards, and anxiety caused by invaders.

Scheduling inspections and recurring treatments for common pests is the best way to control problems. Reduce unwanted pest activity by calling the pros for help.

Residential Pest Control In Miami

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Your home should be a secure and welcoming place for people, pets, and get-togethers with friends and family. Rodents, insects, or other unwanted guests can disrupt daily life and cause many problems. DIY solutions will only provide minimal effectiveness and won’t last as long as professional products and exclusion methods. The best way to reduce the number of critters on your property is to remove attractive elements and seek professional treatment services.

Mitchell Pest provides home pest control services in Miami that are effective and long-lasting. If homeowners have concerns about the treatments we use to control unwanted critters, don’t worry. Our service professionals apply eco-friendly products that do not harm families but knock out pests.

When moisture problems bring pests to your doorstep or insects and rodents become a problem, call the pros for help. Don’t risk becoming sick, suffering an unfortunate injury, or struggling to stop pests from nesting inside your house. Contact Mitchell Pest to treat your home, whether you need same-day, next-day, or recurring services throughout the year.

Commercial Pest Control In Miami

Customers and employees depend on businesses in Miami. When invaders sneak into a company, they might spread germs and parasites, damage furniture, or hide inside appliances or behind walls. It’s challenging to eliminate critters with sticky, messy traps or other DIY products that don’t last long. The best way to get rid of pesky invaders is to call the pros for a solution.

Mitchell Pest delivers optimal commercial pest control services in Miami. Our service professionals will arrive on the scene to stop unwanted activity, same-day, next-day, or throughout the year. Call us to learn about our service agreements and how we can tailor our services to match your schedule and unique needs.

Every business has different pest problems, so we first need to conduct an inspection. Our service professionals will scour your property from top to bottom, inside and out, searching for target areas to treat and stop pests.

Check out Mitchell Pest for a free service quote, and call us to learn more about how we can defend your business or provide moisture control services.

Can Cockroaches In Miami Be A Health Concern?

Even the cleanest homes are at risk of cockroach activity when certain factors are present. These bugs love rotting food and crawling around in sewers and will slink into your abode through narrow crevices and gaps around wiring and plumbing. Homeowners can protect against invaders by using exclusion and seeking regular residential pest control treatments. Cockroaches are houseguests that no one wants to entertain, as these insects spread disease-causing pathogens and droppings.

Mitchell Pest is ready to defend your house against visiting cockroaches. Our service professionals can pinpoint problem areas where these bugs enter, nest, and cause mayhem in your home.

Cockroaches pose a health hazard once they invade your house. Residents should watch out for the following:

  • Exoskeletons and the bacteria that roaches carry on their body may exacerbate allergic reactions.
  • A pungent, musty odor starts to hover throughout your property and won’t leave.
  • Roaches leave droppings on everything, which contaminates surfaces and food and may spread illnesses.

Stop these invaders from spreading filth, destroying your property, and making you ill. Call Mitchell Pest Services today to learn about cockroach control services in Miami.

How To Keep Termites From Destroying Your Miami Home

Unless you know the signs, it’s difficult for homeowners to determine if they have termite activity. A termite problem during termite season when swarms of these flying insects are hanging around your windows may be an obvious sign; however, if these bugs have a colony behind your walls, inside window frames, or within your flooring, it’s challenging for homeowners to know. The best way to stop these wood-devouring insects from reducing your property to sawdust is to call in the pros.

Mitchell Pest Services provides termite control services in Miami that homeowners trust and depend on to work fast and last long. Our service professionals extensively investigate your property and apply products that target termites at the source. Take care of moisture problems and repair structural elements to prevent further damage.

What are clear signs of active termites that should raise a red flag? If you notice the following, call Mitchell Pest:

  • You find piles of termite frass, bodies, or discarded wings around your property.

  • Upon close inspection, you see pinpoint-sized holes in the walls that sound hollow if you knock on them.

  • Your flooring buckles underfoot and is becoming loose.

  • You hear a rustling or clicking sound coming from your walls.

Be proactive and schedule an annual termite inspection and recurring home pest control treatments with Mitchell Pest to keep termites from making your home a buffet.

What Mitchell Pest Customers Are Saying

"Mitchell Pest has been a pleasure to deal with. It’s always easy to speak with someone and they come out fast. Great service from Bubba who’s kept the bugs away!"

Sam Winer

"A gentleman by the name of Bubba from this company came by today, was right on time and could not have been nicer or more professional. I am looking forward to utilizing this company and I am taking the time to write this review because of how impressed I am by this young man, very respectful and very knowledgeable. I would recommend this company.."

Willie Burgos

"Chelsea was friendly and informative when scheduling my appointment. Jordan was knowledgeable and professional and did a thorough inspection. I appreciate the care he took while inside my home. I’m very happy with my choice to use Mitchell Pest Services. Thanks!"


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