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The city of Plantation is a sprawling suburban community with good schools, neighborhood developments, clean parks and manicured golf courses, and lots of other important amenities. People move to Plantation for the high quality of life it provides while also enjoying easy access to its neighbor Fort Lauderdale. Living here also unfortunately means coming into contact with pest problems that appear due to a large population, climate conditions, and other factors. 

At Mitchell Pest, we are the area’s local experts in quality pest control in Plantation. With nearly a decade in business, our family-owned company knows how to protect your home or place of business from a variety of pests including termites and bed bugs. Our highly trained technicians follow Integrated Pest Management methods in order to understand the root cause of your pest problems and be as eco-conscious in our way of treating them. We also offer re-service guarantees, same-day services when possible, and outstanding customer support. For more information on our work, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Plantation

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As a homeowner in Plantation, dealing with pests can be a real drag. They can show up at any time during the year and bring either property damage or health issues to your door or simply just make you uncomfortable. Instead of going it alone, consider professional help from Mitchell Pest. We are the company to call for ongoing or targeted pest control. Each of our technicians is expertly trained and ready to listen to your concerns. 

We’ll assess your home for conducive conditions, entry points, and pest activity before moving forward with both indoor and outdoor treatments. Some of the processes that we’ll employ include laying granular bait, creating an exterior perimeter, and taking down spider webs. Once we move to a routine treatment schedule, you can anticipate primarily outdoor treatments with indoor services as they’re needed. To learn more about our residential pest control options, please call us today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Plantation

When you operate a business in Plantation, there are a few factors that can get in the way of keeping it pest-free. At Mitchell Pest, it’s our mission to make sure that you never have to deal with pests alone. Our company is locally owned and has nearly a decade of experience working with countless local businesses. We are a customer-focused company that staffs only experienced technicians so that you get the best service. We’ve also made free inspections, satisfaction guarantees, and quick and effective service the standard, not an exception. 

Whether you’re concerned about general invaders or something more specific, we can help. Our services rely on Integrated Pest Management methods to guide us. They ensure that we always perform complete property inspections and get to the source of your pest infestations in order to eliminate them fully while keeping them from developing again. For more information on our commercial pest control solutions, please call us today.

How To Protect Your Plantation Home From Termites

When you live in Plantation, termite problems are a viable threat. Instead of waiting for a problem to develop, consider taking proactive steps to protect your home. Those include:

  • Keep wood in good condition. Always make sure that your home, sheds, and decks are in top condition, and replace any areas that have been weakened. 

  • Look for water problems. While it’s always important to fix leaks that you find, stay ahead of them by searching for issues with roofing, condensation, or humidity as well. 

  • Limit wood-to-foundation contact. It’s also very helpful to keep all wood away from your home by maintaining at least 20 inches of barrier between it and any mulch that you use. 

  • Work with a professional. The most effective and safest way to keep your home protected from termite problems is with services from a trusted pest expert who has tools, products, and training. 

For more information on termite control, call Mitchell Pest today. 

Why Plantation Homeowners Turn To Mitchell Pest For Ant Control

Ants are the most common nuisance pest for Plantation homeowners, and the most reliable way to deal with them is through professional pest control from Mitchell Pest. Here are a few reasons why that’s the case:

  • Ants are very easy to attract. Ants are lured by sweet substances, garbage, any kind of food, and water sources. Even if people keep their homes very clean, they could still develop an ant issue.
  • They can easily and quickly get inside. These pests have very little trouble getting inside of a home because they can fit through gaps around loose doors, cracks in foundations, and even when people leave a door open. 
  • Some can be harmful. Red fire ants can actually be very harmful to a person’s health with their venomous bites.

At Mitchell Pest, we follow Integrated Pest Management methods and deliver routine comprehensive pest control services to keep ants from becoming a future issue. We even provide homeowners with a pest-free re-service guarantee so that they are covered if any ants appear between our visits. For more information on ant control, call us today. 

What Mitchell Pest Customers Are Saying

"I totally recommend. I called them, they answered right away and scheduled me for the next day. The inspector showed up the time he was scheduled. He explained everything in detail. Price was good as well. Very professional company."

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"Mitchell Pest has been a pleasure to deal with. It’s always easy to speak with someone and they come out fast. Great service from Bubba who’s kept the bugs away!"

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"Chelsea was friendly and informative when scheduling my appointment. Jordan was knowledgeable and professional and did a thorough inspection. I appreciate the care he took while inside my home. I’m very happy with my choice to use Mitchell Pest Services. Thanks!"


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