Carpenter Ant Control: What Every Fort Lauderdale Homeowner Needs To Know

carpenter ant in saw dust

Are you a fan of ants? Most people do not like these pests. This is not because of their appearance but rather because of the way they invade and cause trouble inside local homes. One especially problematic kind of ant in Fort Lauderdale is the carpenter ant. We are going to talk about this pest today. Here is what you should know about pest control in Fort Lauderdale and what it takes to stop carpenter ants from damaging your home and property. Call Mitchell Pest Services if you want professional options to stop these invasive insects. We will offer you some amazing options to combat ant problems in and around your home.

Signs Of A Carpenter Ant Infestation

Carpenter ants are among the few local ant species that leave signs behind when they invade homes. This is because of the way they build their homes inside structural wood. Here are some signs of carpenter ants to check for inside your Fort Lauderdale home.

  • Small pin-sized holes in structural wood.

  • Piles of sawdust around holes and on the ground near baseboards.

  • Large red, black, or red and black ants.

  • Rustling noises that are coming from inside your walls.

To identify carpenter ants quickly, bring in the service professionals from Mitchell Pest Services for a pest inspection. We can locate these pests deep inside walls, floors, and ceilings. 

The Multiple Problems Carpenter Ants Create In A Home

There is obviously a problem when ants are crawling through your home. These pests are a nuisance, and they love to steal food. Beyond contaminating food sources and stressing homeowners out, carpenter ants are known for causing another major problem. These pests chew holes into buildings. That’s right. They build their nests inside structural wood. As nests expand, the damage becomes more severe. The only good news is carpenter ants are much easier to identify than other wood-destroying insects, such as termites. This is because carpenter ants actively crawl out from their nests to search for food, whereas termites stay hidden. Also, these ants do not consume the wood they tunnel through, making them less motivated to damage homes constantly.

If you want to avoid these pests nibbling on your home’s wood, you need to understand ant pest control and have strategies in place to prevent a carpenter ant infestation. 

Factors That Attract Carpenter Ants To Your Home

There are two things carpenter ants in Fort Lauderdale are looking for in a home. They look for water-damaged structural wood that is easy to chew through and food sources that are easy to access. Carpenter ants live on a diet of honeydew, plant and fruit juices, and other insects. They find most of these food sources outside. One thing that will make your home more susceptible to invasion is easy entry points. These entry points are found in exterior foundations, around windows and doors, and near vents, piping, and electrical wires. If you don’t want these pests invading your home, you need to invest in carpenter ant treatment today.

Contact The Pros At The First Sign Of Carpenter Ants In Your Home

We live in the 21st century. If you want carpenter ants to stay out of your home, there is someone out there who will get the job done for you. The best way to prevent carpenter ants on your Fort Lauderdale property is to let Mitchell Pest Services lend you a helping hand. We are expert pest control service professionals that understand how to deal with annoying and destructive insects like carpenter ants.

Mitchell Pest Services has years of experience dealing with carpenter ants. Contact us today for a free estimate. We will get rid of carpenter ants inside your Fort Lauderdale home. 

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