The Best Way To Protect Your Fort Lauderdale Home From Termites


Termites are a constant problem for many Fort Lauderdale homeowners. These destructive bugs like to eat the dead wood that is found in and around your home. In Fort Lauderdale, there are several types of subterranean termites that can be found in this area. They live primarily underground, which can make it difficult to gauge the size of their colony. 

At Mitchell Pest, we have been dealing with and studying the common types of termites for years. We understand how the habits and behaviors of these tiny bugs can affect your home, and we know the best way to get rid of them for good. Our Fort Lauderdale pest control specialists can help you protect your home from annoying and destructive termites. 

About The Termite Caste System

Termites live in an organized society that is separated into four groups or caste systems. All of the groups have their own jobs and work together to help keep the colony running like a well-oiled machine. Every termite starts as an egg. They then go through the larva and pupa stages of life. Once they reach adulthood, they go into one of these three groups:

  • Worker: The workers are arguably the most important members of the colony. They also make up the majority of the colony, as it is estimated that 95% of the termites in a colony are workers. These termites are responsible for excavating the wood, feeding the young termites, taking care of the queen, building the nest, and foraging for food.

  • Soldiers: Like the workers, the soldier termites are completely blind. They look similar to the workers but usually have darker-colored bodies and large mandibles that stick out the front of their faces. These pincer-like appendages allow the soldiers to easily fight off any intruders that come into their nest. 

  • Reproductives: The reproductives are the only members of the colony that can see. Their eyesight isn't very good, but they are able to see well enough to get around. They also have a pair of wings that allow them to fly short distances, which is why they are called swarmers. When the weather outside starts to warm up, the reproductives will leave their nest to find a mate and start reproducing their own colony of termites. 

The king and queen are the fourth case system. However, the termites don't develop into this stage as soon as they hit full maturity. Instead, they become reproductives. Once these winged termites find a mate, they then become the queen and king of their new colony. 

A Termite Infestation Invasion Can Cause Extensive Property Damage

Termites can cause a lot of damage to your property. If you have termites around your Fort Lauderdale home, you may start to see the paint peeling around your home or see blisters and holes in the wooden surfaces. The damage can be slow and gradual, but if the termites are not controlled, the damage will continue to get worse. 

Causes And Factors For Termites Infestations On Your Property

Termites are attracted to warm and humid conditions. Most termites need plenty of moisture in order to survive. If you have leaky pipes or moist soil around your home, you may be attracting termites to your home. Drywood termites are also commonly found in this area and prefer to consume dry, untreated wood. If you have piles of lumber or dead tree limbs lying around your yard, you may start to see termites around your property in the near future. 

Professional Termite Control Offers Lasting Protection For Your Home

At Mitchell Pest, we know how to keep your Fort Lauderdale home safe from various types of termites. We offer world-class termite control solutions and even have long-term prevention plans that ensure the termites never return. Give us a call today to schedule your inspection and get your free quote. 

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